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Using Time-Distance Data to Create Match-Related Fitness Sessions

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From the Performance Soccer Conditioning newsletter and now in the Online Resource Library is NSCAA member John DeWitt’s article “Using Time-Distance Data to Create Match-Related Fitness Sessions.”

The article is the first of a series based on DeWitt’s presentation from the 2014 NSCAA Convention and discusses fitness session that have the most relevance to match play. The article focuses on using data from scientific literature to inform training programs.

While coaches can use data from research papers, DeWitt warns, “most of the time-distance data that are available for public use are collected in large stadiums using tracking technologies. This means that the subjects are typically adult professional players. If coaching younger players, a more relevant dataset would be from players of similar ages.”

DeWitt goes on to advise coaches that any use of data should take into consideration age differences. When determining the activities that will have the most impact on players, those activities based on evidence should result in more efficient training sessions.

Download and read the full article here from the Online Resource Library (login required). Additionally, DeWitt participated in an NSCAA Hangout on a related topic in December.

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