Dewitt Method

Energy System Training Basics

When considering training strategies for developing programs for your team, it is important to remember that the body responds specifically to the energy system that is utilized. While there is some overlap in adaptations, the basic rule of thumb is that the energy system utilized will be the one that is affected by the training. […]

Preseason training for Afghanistan’s Women’s National Soccer Team

All coaches know that players that are prepared for preseason prior to arrival are better equipped for training loads. For that reason, fitness coaches often provide fitness programs for players to complete on their own during the off season. Of course, no plan is worth anything if not completed so there needs to be understanding […]

5 things to consider when planning preseason

Recently, I met with Randy Waldrum, Head Coach of the Houston Dash, to discuss planning for preseason training. Our preseason begins March 14, with our first league match in April 16. This gives us about 5 weeks of formal preseason training, including a week long trip to Portland and two scrimmages against college teams. As […]

A Coach’s Choice of Words Means Everything

At the most recent NSCAA Convention in Baltimore, I had the opportunity to moderate roundtable discussions with Avram Grant, Stuart Pearce, and Michael O’Neill, all accomplished coaches at the club and international levels. While there were many interesting stories and experiences shared, there was one by Stuart Pearce from his career that stands out as […]

Get Fit By Going Fast

Short, Fast Intervals will help you have energy for later in the game! By John De Witt Head Sports Performance Coach, Houston Dynamo Academy An excerpt from Amplified Soccer Athlete Magazine Soccer is a series of high intensity runs, like sprinting, that are separated by some lower intensity activities, like jogging, walking, or standing. The […]

Keeping Up With the Team

The following article is an excerpt from the October issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete magazine. Content contributions come from some of the top professional training, nutrition, mental-game and fitness leaders in the industry. We know you’ll enjoy your experience. Subscribe Today! If you aren’t getting as much playing time as others, here are some things […]

Maintaining Fitness Levels for the Entire Season

The following is an excerpt from John’s article in the August issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete magazine. Subscribe Today! Depending on your situation, you may need some extra work to be in top shape. This is the time of year where for most, preseason training is continuing or ending, and regular seasons are about to […]

Using Time-Distance Data to Create Match-Related Fitness Sessions

Originally posted on From the Performance Soccer Conditioning newsletter and now in the Online Resource Library is NSCAA member John DeWitt’s article “Using Time-Distance Data to Create Match-Related Fitness Sessions.” The article is the first of a series based on DeWitt’s presentation from the 2014 NSCAA Convention and discusses fitness session that have the […]

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