DeWitt Method

DeWitt Method

Unlock Peak Performance & Injury Prevention: Precision Data Analysis for Tailored Athletic Success!

Data-Driven Transformation of World’s Athletes

Many can analyze data or understand the human body, but I integrate both, offering you a unique advantage!

The DeWitt Method is a unique and evidence-based athletic approach that leverages human biomechanics, machine learning, and cutting edge data analysis to achieve peak human performance

Our unique method precisely quantifies metrics using data collection, analysis and interpretation in   athletes assessments and developing an optimal personalized action plan to achieve peak athletic performance and injury prevention.

DeWitt Method’s Performance Pathway:

Discover: Uncover your potential through expert assessment.

Measure: Precision quantification to track your progress.

Decode: Insightful interpretation for a deeper understanding.

Elevate: Tailored action plans to boost your athletic performance.


3D Motion Capture and Force Platform Assessments

Athlete Data Analysis and Application

John DeWitt, Ph.D., CSCS


Dr John DeWitt is a dedicated sports scientist and engineer pioneering in decoding human movements and leveraging technology and machine learning, with primary focus on athletic peak performance and injury prevention.

With over 30 years in sport science consulting and a 20-year tenure as a Senior Exercise Scientist at NASA, I’ve applied evidence-based biomechanics and data analysis to boost athletic and astronaut performance. An acclaimed speaker and author of 100+ peer-reviewed works, my expertise spans biomechanical science to machine learning. I’ve collaborated with NBA teams, Olympic programs, and major league sports, earning prestigious awards like the NASA Silver Snoopy. Holding advanced degrees in biomedical and exercise science, my work bridges the gap between elite sports performance and astronautics, showcasing a career dedicated to advancing human potential.

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I’ve known John for over 20 years as a colleague and consultant for the teams I have worked with. His knowledge and expertise in helping athletes and coaches take value from the data we collect is immeasurable. He has the unique ability to bridge the gap between capturing data and interpreting it into practical solutions that can be integrated in athletes training to ensure athletes reach their performance peak while reducing their risk of injury.
Michael Rabasca
Director, Cognitive Performance, LA Galaxy
John is a wonderful personal trainer who pushes your athleticism to new heights while respecting individual needs. Training is physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilling as he combines physical exercise with sports analytic tools and life wisdom to boost your career. Thank you for working with me John, your lessons will stay with me for a lifetime!
Emilia Weske
Volleyball Player, German Women's National Team/Rice/USC
I have had the privilege of a longstanding professional relationship with Dr. John DeWitt that spans over two decades. Our initial encounter took place at NASA, where he rose to the esteemed role of Senior Biomechanist. Even after my departure from NASA, our professional connection persisted. Dr. DeWitt provided invaluable guidance in establishing monitoring programs at two separate collegiate institutions, enhancing human performance within our community significantly. His adept guidance, constructive feedback, and meticulous data analysis played a pivotal role in our progress. I hold Dr. John DeWitt's expert advice on matters concerning human performance in high esteem. Over the years, his expertise has proven to be an indispensable asset in advancing our comprehension of human performance. Dr. DeWitt's commitment to his work and his willingness to share knowledge have been instrumental in shaping the success of numerous individuals and organizations. As we navigate the complexities of human performance, Dr. DeWitt's counsel remains a source of profound insight and inspiration. Collaborating with such a distinguished professional is a privilege, as his influence extends far beyond the field of biomechanics. Dr. John DeWitt's legacy of excellence is poised to continue shaping and elevating the realm of human performance for the foreseeable future.
Corey Twine
Astronaut Strength Conditioning and Rehabilitation Specialist

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