The Future of Human Performance

Decoding Human Performance

Data-driven Transformation of World's Athletes

The DeWitt Method is a unique and evidence-based athletic approach that leverages human biomechanics, machine learning, and cutting edge data analysis to achieve peak human performance

Our unique method precisely quantifies metrics using data collection, analysis and interpretation in   athletes assessments and developing an optimal personalized action plan to achieve peak athletic performance and injury prevention.

John DeWitt, Ph.D., CSCS


Dr John DeWitt is a dedicated sports scientist and engineer pioneering in decoding human movements and leveraging technology and machine learning, with primary focus on athletic peak performance and injury prevention.

  • 30+ years sport science consulting with professional and collegiate programs in various sports utilizing evidence-based biomechanics, and data analysis to achieve optimal athletic performance and full potential.
  • 20+ years as a Senior Exercise Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center, charged with leading research to improve astronaut health and performance
  • Featured speaker and presenter at international and domestic research and practitioner conferences
  • Author of over 100 peer reviewed articles and conference abstracts, including original research conducted on exercise on the International Space Station
  • Earned doctorate in biomedical science, masters in exercise science, and dual bachelors in engineering. Post graduate diploma in applied data science and machine learning applications
  • Extensive coaching experience at the national team, professional, and collegiate
  • Previous and current clients include NBA (Houston Rockets, Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs), US National Olympic Programs (Volleyball, Bobsled & Skeleton)  training center, MLB (Chicago Cubs), MLS (LA Galaxy, Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash), NCAA (Rice University,  University of Michigan), Senior National Soccer Teams (Trinidad & Tobago, Afghanistan)
  • Numerous awards, including prestigious NASA Silver Snoopy and KBR HHPC Fellow. and Letters of Commendation from United Soccer Coaches

Our Expert Services

Current Facility Assessment

With such pioneering innovative methods and technology, we understand that you have to start somewhere. Our assessment include assessing of current facility and data collection method in place, updating them or developing and assisting the facility to start data collection. According to clients preference we may assist teams in starting data collection tools or dirct clients to one of our testing facilities

Athletic Assessment

To ensure optimal attention to each and every client, and due to limited spaces, our assessment starts with a screening for inclusion. Once accepted we conduct a comprehensive assessment that includes highly precise technology such as force plates, 3D motion capture system, to objectively collect in great details how you execute the movements of your sport.

Action Plan

We use the collected data to conduct an extensive data analysis comparison of athletes data to our data base or comparing same athlete metrics e.g before and after injury. Over the past 2 decades, The DeWitt method has amassed the most detailed athlete movement database in different sports. Such data is integral to provide context when identifying athletes strengths, weakness. We then formulate and implement a full intensive program tailored for each professional athlete that provides everything the professional athlete needs to prepare for the highest level of completion performance and optimize career productivity. We conduct scheduled monitoring assessments to monitor players’ progress while following our plan which include addressing guiding athletes and coaches throughout the process, answering their questions, and overcoming training obstacles.

Present and Past Partners

We have worked with teams and programs across leagues, levels, and industries