DeWitt Method

Unlock Peak Performance & Injury Prevention: Precision Data Analysis for Tailored Athletic Success!

Data-Driven Transformation of World’s Athletes

Many can analyze data or understand the human body, but I specialize in both, offering you a unique advantage!

The DeWitt Method is a unique and evidence-based athletic approach that leverages human biomechanics, machine learning, and cutting edge data analysis to achieve peak human performance

Our unique method precisely quantifies metrics using data collection, analysis and interpretation in   athletes assessments and developing an optimal personalized action plan to achieve peak athletic performance and injury prevention.

DeWitt Method’s Performance Pathway:

Discover: Uncover your potential through expert assessment.

Measure: Precision quantification to track your progress.

Decode: Insightful interpretation for a deeper understanding.

Elevate: Tailored action plans to boost your athletic performance.


Art Direction

Athlete Data Analysis and Application

John DeWitt, Ph.D., CSCS


Dr John DeWitt is a dedicated sports scientist and engineer pioneering in decoding human movements and leveraging technology and machine learning, with primary focus on athletic peak performance and injury prevention.

With over 30 years in sport science consulting and a 20-year tenure as a Senior Exercise Scientist at NASA, I’ve applied evidence-based biomechanics and data analysis to boost athletic and astronaut performance. An acclaimed speaker and author of 100+ peer-reviewed works, my expertise spans biomechanical science to machine learning. I’ve collaborated with NBA teams, Olympic programs, and major league sports, earning prestigious awards like the NASA Silver Snoopy. Holding advanced degrees in biomedical and exercise science, my work bridges the gap between elite sports performance and astronautics, showcasing a career dedicated to advancing human potential.

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