Dr. John DeWitt, CSCS

  • 20+ years as a Senior Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center

  • 30+ years coaching soccer at international, pro, college, and youth levels

  • 15+ years sport science consulting with professional and collegiate programs in various sports

  • Featured speaker and presenter at international and domestic research and practitioner conferences

  • Author of over 50 peer reviewed articles and conference abstracts, including original research conducted on exercise on the International Space Station

  • Leading expert on the use of exercise to maintain health during space travel

  • Experienced in data analytics and presentation, including machine learning, database, dashboard, and app design, and data transformation.

Coaching Approach

Discover our holistic and data-driven approach to optimizing athletic performance.


Elevate coaching strategies for optimal athlete performance and results.


Individualized training plans to meet each athlete's unique needs and goals.


Utilize advanced analytics for precise coaching insights and adjustments.


Equip coaches with knowledge and tools to maximize team potential.


Leverage over 30 years of coaching expertise across various levels.

Our Happy Clients

We have worked with teams and programs across leagues, levels, and industries

My Achievements

US Soccer A License

Fitness Coach, NWSL

Performance Coach, MLS

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences

NSCAA Premier Diploma